About Our School

Derismont Roobens and his friends had long been dreaming of starting a school in Cazale for children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend. In 2016 they made that dream a reality.

Students stand outside the unfinished school building the summer before Repairer of the Breaches opened.

An empty building in Cazale provided a location, and an idea to sponsor teachers rather than students came as a solution to a problem many other schools in Haiti face: the money that students pay to attend school is filtered through the government, administration, or spent on other things besides teacher’s salaries, so teachers eventually stop coming to school. With teachers’ salaries guaranteed by a sponsorship program they will continue coming to school.

In cooperation with sponsors from the United States, Roobens and his team began to raise money to pay teachers. In the spring of 2016 sponsors came forward and by June of 2016 the school was fully funded for the 2016-17 school year

.bldg yr 2

That year the school began with 140 students in grades K-4. The next year they expanded , adding a fifth grade class and 40 more student. This year there is  a sixth grade class a total of 207 students across all grade levels.

The school is brimming with kids that want to learn. A piece of property was donated to the school and now it is exciting to see a new building being started. See more on the “School Building” page.

The school is a sponsor project of the Lazarus Commission and tax deductible donations can be made through PayPal or by check mailed to:

The Lazarus Commission
49 Lula Court
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864