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Thanks to sponsors like you, Repairer of the Breaches School is able to employ 18 Haitians. In addition, the children of these staff members are able to attend school, learning grade-appropriate material from Christian educators. Read the stories of just a few of our beloved teachers, cooks, and administrators here.



Pierre-Richard was the 4th grade teacher for two years at Repairer of the Breaches School in Cazale, Haiti. This year he moved to 6th Grade. He was born in Archaie, but went to high school in Cazale. Pierre-Richard did so well in school growing up that his teachers would give him the chalk and have him to teach his fellow classmates. He has wanted to teach his whole life – to use his skills as a teacher to give back to his community. He has been able to go to Vet-Tech school and is sharing his knowledge of goats with 30 students from the village and school.



Jolina’s dream was to one day go to cooking school, but with no job and no extra income she had accepted the reality that she would only ever cook for her family. Until last year, when Jolina was hired by Repairer of the Breaches School. Now, Jolina has a job doing what she loves – cooking for others. And she has gone to cooking school and graduated. Her two boys are receiving a quality education and get to come to work with Jolina. This job, Jolina says, is a gwo bagay (big thing) in her life.



Ferlens started teaching in the 2nd grade at Repairer of the Breaches School in Cazale, Haiti. He “graduated” to 4th grade this year. He is from Cazale and this is his first time teaching. Ferlens says that he wanted to become a teacher to give back to his community and the precious kids. He says they bring him joy because they love to learn.

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